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The death penalty

The death penalty

It was the year 2019

The death penalty was active.

Having imagination is what sent you to the vile garrotte.

Not a good death, by the way.

In that moment I am.

Within minutes of being executed.But at that precise moment a gentleman approached and with a not very advisable smile.

Pointing at me with his finger, he said:-Luke you can not die, your magic is powerful.And without further ado he brought me a rare plant and told me to chew it.I had nothing to lose, life would be gone in a few moments.So I swallow the plant.

I was sour, it was disgusting, the thorns were choking me in the throat and pricking.At that time a waterboy with a rogue face told me that he would bring me some drink.

Something different with fruits inside.He said it was called Sangria and I thought about the nail that was behind it.There is yes that blood would come out.The truth was that the brew was rich and sweet and entered my dying throat like cold, crystal clear water.

At the second gulp, everything blurred.The plant and the drink mixed making my head fog.Suddenly I was in another place it was 3 in the train station.

A train without a destination although on its doorstep it had written names of towns.With stops that I would supposedly do.

Through the window I saw two locomotives face to face.Neglecting the way, neither of them wanted to separate.That fight did not look good, some would go badly stopped.

In the same second I saw a goal.What did a camera look like in my daydream?Between the legs of a stranger.

But the images changed in a second.The clock read almost 12 o’clock.But what day, of what century?

The train was empty.There was only one red bag.Like my blood when spilled by the club.Where were the people?

Once again I ended up in an unknown place.But I liked it.Some boys with clothes from another century played a music that encouraged dancing and shaking the body.

My head found a perfect place to stay.So that’s what I did, I refused to go back to my body.I stayed between the green of the letter B of Balmaseda a beautiful town.My body can stay but my mind is free.I am free to think of creating to be myself.That nobody can take it from me.Remember that neither do you.Let it fly and you will feel the happiness of being free.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HSPentax k20locality Balmaseda, Basque Country, SpainImage © txatxy. All Rights Reserved.Original content by Original content by @txatxy

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