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Starfruit ~ 365 Photos Challenge #234

After being tired of all the work matters so far, total rest is difficult to obtain, but today I enjoyed it. When I was sitting on the back porch this afternoon watching the shade of the mango tree, one of my girls gave me three starfruits (Averrhoa carambola).

Hmmm… I haven’t enjoyed this fruit for a long time. In the past, from the time I was a child to college, I often ate this fruit because there was a tree in our yard. At that time, I was more frequent and preferred to climb the tree if I wanted to eat the fruit. Yes, I eat the fruit on the tree while enjoying the wind blowing.

In ancient Javanese teachings, there was a wisdom associated with this fruit, which briefly said that we all, human beings, were “cah angon” – the Javanese language of the shepherd boy – who had a noble task which we must keep and run. We have been assigned by our mother to herding cattle; who thinks how to feed others with abundant love, and not foraging for himself. Bringing the mandate to be a leader who is ready to shelter, protect, and make his people live a happy life. And on the sidelines of his herding duties, he was also instructed to pick starfruit, which means having to climb starfruit trees which are known to be very slippery, especially if after the rain which is very difficult to climb. That is, in the midst of our busyness taking care of tiring worldly things, keep on learning. To gain knowledge and understanding that is not only memorized but lived, applied and become knowledge itself. Starfruit with five fins is a symbol that there are five essences of knowledge that we must keep in mind and live that so that our soul will become clean.

In an age when human souls, in general, have been torn apart, we are often too eager to be shepherds, so we forget to climb starfruit trees. We who love to direct, instruct, try to straighten others, but we have forgotten to care for the heart, strengthen the soul, and realize our authenticity. We have been darkened by our own ego, forgetting who we are, maybe we are wrong. We who prefer to look outward, to the mistakes of others, to everything that every day plagues our senses.

Prejudice, rumors of news, or oblique whispers that have locked our inner eyes to stare in the depths of ourselves. Then, when do we dare to read ourselves, see, and look for where this part of our soul is torn apart? Soon the afternoon will be approaching. Life will not last long… we are all heading for the twilight of life. And when the evening approaches, can we look at His face?

Hmmm… My girl reminds me to keep on learning for not just be a consultant and trainer for others! After all, starfruit has many healing properties in addition good to keep health. 

Thank you, my girls.


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  1. Albert, first I am jealous, I love star fruit. But your text is moving and you are right about the reality of prejudice. We live upon this world for such a short time we have to strive to make the world a better place.

    • Thanks, My friend. Yes, of course, my girls are beautiful, as you are and all Queen, lady, girls, and every one.
      Actually, my daughter knew that I was rather bored with that fruit, but she said, “It’s good to get rid of fatigue, maintain heart health, high blood pressure, etc.” So, I enjoyed it happily.

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