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Redesigning and Decorating The Mind & Emotions ~ 365 Photos Challenge #248

There are so many concepts, tips and ideas for designing and decorating the interior of any home, office, or rooms in order the residents feel comfort, fun, joy, full of inspiration, etc.

Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable the spaces where we are, our comfort can still be disturbed so that we can easily feel resentful, afraid, anxious, bored, want to go because our “mind and emotions” are not organized and not well decorated.

As a reflection, some essences in this article maybe can be used by you to examine or redesign the spaces within us so that we always feel peaceful, bliss, enthusiastic, easily entertained, and easy to find solutions to various problems that come from out there.

1. Make sure that your mind and emotions space is very broad. People with broad minds will not easily feel crowded and squeezed by their own thoughts, while a narrow emotional space makes our feelings easily disturbed.

2. Make sure there are lots of windows and vents on every wall. With so many windows, it will be easy to see a very large world outside our own world of thoughts and emotions. When many problems come, we can easily see how the world views and handles such problems. With so many windows, we can also easily observe from outside the conditions in our minds. With proper ventilation, we are always connected to the universe that is a source of unlimited energy for all our needs.

3. Make sure the roles spaces in life are available and well organized. Everyone has various roles in life; as a husband or wife, as parents, as brothers, as friends, leaders, community members, as employees, etc. These all special spaces can be realized in thoughts and feelings by establishing the right principles – in accordance with the laws of nature, religious/spiritual law, conscience, morality, ethics, and any other laws – which are your personal credo. Every time a challenge, problem, or contextual lesson comes in life, sort it and enter it into a special room, to be addressed with certain appropriate principles and certain tools. Therefore, once again, make sure that you have the right principles for your various roles in life. Make sure there is a workspace that must be connected to the monitor room, all necessary equipment, and a garbage disposal system. Make sure that the problem is a real problem, to surgery it with the appropriate analytical tools, to look at the results in logic, or by the perspective of principles and wisdom or both, make decisions to take lessons and wisdom, determine attitudes and determine actions, or throw them away.

4. Monitor room. You must have this space. Without this room, you will have difficulty observing all your mind and emotions. This space must be entered every day, before bedtime, to map and sort all inputs that enter all spaces and to evaluate all, or find the most likely solution or just throw it in a garbage disposal system.

5. Furnishing, decoration elements, and useful equipment. Why do we go to school and keep learning from life? Of course to get the knowledge and experience that we then use as a tool to complete all the work and tasks of each of our roles. Make sure you have a relaxing room and bed in your mind so you can decide to take a break or relax at certain times, whether scheduled or not. Make sure there are posters on the walls of your mind’s room that contain for example; wisdom quotes, photos of those we love or love us, or various beautiful events that are monumental, encouraging, and inspiring.

6. Storage Drawers Room. This facility is very important considering that every day there are things we need to keep or save, to recall, to scheduled to be completed, etc. We need a lot of drawers that are grouped to neatly store all files according to the context of their role and its importance. This is more of a method for remembering, prioritizing, scheduling and utilizing memories to carry out important actions or actualizations appropriately and effectively, in first thing first.

7. Waste disposal system. This system must work effectively to dispose or destroy garbage so that all waste that has been disposed of is not taken back. Throw away everything you don’t need from your mind so that all of your space remains spacious and comfortable; anger, hatred, prejudice, revenge, useless sadness, despair, depression, and all that is not needed.

8. Peaceful Room. This space is a special connecting room – and at the same time a meeting room – between the minds and the subconscious, the higher consciousness, and the spiritual universe. This is a secret room in a tower that nobody knows but you. A room that you can access anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances, to flow pure energy to all spaces, to activate all available resources, as well as your meeting room with anyone you call who you allow to enter, to make new understandings, new reality. This space is also our space station that you can use to go and go home from your spaces on earth to the entire universe or any dimension. To find the magic of secrets, and understand the secrets of miracles. But… you have to leave your mind down there, just like when you read this article up to this room.

May this article useful for whom has an interest in peace of mind and lives in a bliss.


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  1. First an apology, I set out to read your post at Lunch yesterday and Virily was up and down the whole time, so it got pushed to today.

    The peaceful room is the hard one for me. I struggle with a place to always find peace. I will have to reconsider that, it is essential.

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