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More Rainbow Art – Color Crazy Challenge

Hello everybody,

I have a few more rainbow things to share with you….even though I know the challenge is about to be over will (probably will be by the time this gets approved).

I just want to share these all with you anyways! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Want to join @Kim_Johnson ‘s color crazy challenge?  

Check out the rules here —-> Rules 

~~Other posts in this week’s challenge~~

Rose Fractal

Color Splash Kaleidoscope

Planes Flying over the Skyline Artwork

Bright Flower Kaleidoscope

Colorful and Fun Kaleidoscope

Rainbow River & Mountains 

Dinosaurs in Space 

Rainbow Rose Edit 

Sunflower Pop Art 

Rainbow Art with White Silhouettes 

Yet Another Colorful Kaleidoscope!

Rainbow Ferris Wheel 

Color Splash/Pop Flower

Another Colorful Kaleidoscope 

Bleeding Heart – Color Splash 

Neon Rainbow Kaleidoscope 

Rainbow Flower Bouquet 

Cotton Candy Trees and Rainbows (artwork)

Rainbow Daisies

Pop Art Style Rainbow – Color Crazy

Tie Dye Flower

I did this edit a while ago (so I don't recall what program I used)...but I like how it turned out.  

What do you all think of the edit?

Four Seasons – Artwork

Not sure if this art piece qualifies, but I am entering it anyways since it has more than one color. 

I tried to show the four seasons with different colors  I felt went with the season. 

I hope you all like this design!  

Rainbow Gradient – Romantic Design

This art design is a romantic one with a rainbow gradient (so felt like it went well with the challenge).  

What do you all think of this design?  

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