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The last two weeks of the Color Crazy Challenge!

The last two weeks of the challenge is to use the rainbow! You can write about the rainbow, do a poll or quiz, or post a photo or art piece. You can also pick you favorite color of the rainbow and post about it. Perhaps you have some monochrome or monotone pieces that you would like to share? Monochrome is only color only. You can even use color splash, highlighting a certain object or color in a black and white photo? 

Have fun! 

Here are the guidelines:

1. Make a post featuring the color theme.

2. Use the hashtag #colorcrazy

3. Post in the Challenges Category. 


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Oh, I use color SpLaSh! like a bandit! Just not cameras, however, in the interests of “Fun”:
    “The arc of the rainbow may mark unseen measures.
    I sparkle n’ grin day glow to embark in these pleasures.
    I dolor in color that exceeds needs and leisures
    and pour more poor poem for adored colorful treasures.”
    Wait for it…SpLaSh!

      • Well, thank you, wigglin’ swimmer! Daily baths in color SpLaSh! or to some, may seem more, CrAsH! keeps eyes bright and words not right flowing into poems I stash…I’ll have to write what happens next…you “caught” me, short rhymed! “A catfish who calls you all brothers and sisters, who SpLaShEs! and mauls you with barbels and whiskers, fin scratches and scrawls in fish antic pun twisters with a rash that involves some iambic tongue blisters…Why do you encourage me? I was pretty sure I warned you…>-=^;>


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