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Purle and Pink Too… ~ Color Crazy

Kim Johnson has started a Color Crazy challenge. You can see the link here that explains the simple rules Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge purple and PINK.

For this challenge, I always try to mobilize all available resources to embellish the Virily rainbow. So, these are some other pink that are willing to get involved.


This statue is a souvenir from our client in East Java. They are architectural consultants. I guess the meaning is that they are improving themselves to increase their performance and we have helped them.

Sofa Cushions

This was a cushion from the couch in our family living room

      • Okay Albert, it will be done and thank you for the great idea. Next week will be black and white week and the week after we will end with the complete rainbow or as many colors as you can get in a photo.

        • I have to do a black because black is all the colors mixed in the color spectrum, and white because it is all the colors mixed in the light color spectrum. Black and White because I love black and white photography. And now I will end this version of the color crazy challenge with the RAINBOW of colors.

          • I can do black, white, sepia and black and white photos, Then i will do the complete rainbow or as many colors as you can get.

          • That’s the idea, continuing with black and white but ending with complete rainbow colors + black and white, either together or for the next.

Guess what?

Do you know what is this?

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The Ties

Not the favorites, but at least these remaining purple and pink ties can enliven the atmosphere.

Susie Nose

Even Susie willing to donate her nose images for this activity.

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