Office Procedures

I remember a course I took in business school named General Office Procedures. I am going to share what this means to me.

O is for organizational,

F is for foundational,

F is for friendliness,

I is for intensive training,

C is for conservative thinking at times,

 E is for educating professionals;

P is for procedures learned,

R is for reasoning details,

O is for occupational,

C is for credentials,

E is for energetic individuals,

D is for directions issued and followed,

U is for understanding how to do basic skills needed,

R is for responding appropriately to situations presented,

E is for exhibiting proper manners,

S is for steady employment.


What do you think?


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    • This form of poetry is fun for me and gives me a chance to use all the subjects and topics I studied in a fun and creative way. You should try it, but some words are hard to do, but this form of poetry is a challenge. Good luck.

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