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New Reflection Art Design ~ August 12th, 2018 (Just for Fun Challenge)

I made this art design tonight, not intending it to be for the challenge, but I personally think it fits in the flora and fauna category.  What do you all think, does it count?

Anyways, this is an art design I made using Gimp and edited a bit with PicMonkey.  

This is a romantic design (as usual) but I made it into a “reflection” style piece.  I still think I need to work on that technique….not sure it looks like water 100 percent. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on that though.  Does it look like water to you?  Do you like the art design in general?   What would you like to see next?  I’m interested in hearing your feedback on all of those questions! 

Hope you all enjoy the design, and have a great day!  


What do you think?


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