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Nature Tuesday in my yard!

Since the virus lock down started my Nature walks have been in the backyard. With spring in the air and all the rain we had my flowers are really loving life. Although I still need to find something that takes care of snails and slugs. Anyone have any ideas? 

#6 I love this shade of blue..

There are two more plants about to bloom, but I have decided to use them for a what color will it be post. 

Nature Tuesday in my yard... What do think? 

And if you know of a good product to use on the fight against snails let me know in the comments. PLEASE.. 


What do you think?

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  1. Never had a snail problem but I have always heard that one of the quickest ways to control slugs and snails is to hand pick (use gardening gloves of course!) and move them away from the garden.

    Put up a bird bath and feeder. When you attract birds, they’ll naturally control pests, including slugs in your garden. That’s why setting out a bird bath, hanging a bird feeder and birdhouse in your outdoor space makes sense.

    • This is a first for me. They like that blue ground cover, and live in it. They dont eat it, but everything else is munched on. I cant do a feeder, Lily is an avid hunter. In fact, I scare birds away if I can. I rattle a can. So, I have decided to go to extremes. I need a pet safe bug killer.

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