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I have been blogging for over ten years.  In that time I have had many ups and downs.  I started off using blogger.  I had three different blogs and used a different name.  I lost everything when someone took over my account.  I learned a lot from that.  Always change your passwords every few months.

After that, I used WordPress for my blogs.  I liked it and was doing very well.  WordPress changed the way the formatted the blogs and I was not happy with it.  I was also careless.  I ended up losing everything once again.  Because of a technical problem.

Once again, I started blogging on Blogger.  This time I used my read name with writer behind it.  I have two blogs that I am very happy with.  My writing blog is my poetry and short stories.  I also have book reviews and writing tip articles.  Writer Brenda Marie is a little over a year old.  I do not have that much content on it.  I moved last year and there was a lot going on. I plan on changing that this year.

My second blog The Spiritual Mystic, has articles about Reiki, dream, past life therapies, and spiritual protection.  After years of trying different things, I believe, I have finally found what works for me.  The proof is in the fact that I do not post often to either blog, but I still get views even when I am post posting regularly.  I am also hoping to change that this year as well.

My blogs are on my happy list because after years of trying different things.  I have finally figured out what works for me.

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