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More Flowers ~ August~ Just for Fun!

Kim has another challenge for the month of August; this time it is flora and fauna.  For me, that will mostly just be flowers.  

Yesterday I shared some older photos that I took and edited for other sites.  Today I am sharing more recent photos that were taken this summer.  

I hope you all will enjoy them! Also, feel free to join the challenge yourself 🙂  Just be sure to use Just for fun in the title and the #jff hashtag!

Anyways, enjoy 🙂

These are beautiful lilies, always been one of my favorites!

Not sure what this flower is, but it’s such a pretty one!  What do you think of it?

I loved the shape and color of these leaves.  If I remember, a lot of these were in the garden section at Wal-mart.  

I should have written the name to all of these flowers, but once again…another pretty one 🙂

These little flowers are so pretty….oh I wish I knew the names.  Yes, I guess I could look them up!  

I think these two are the same kind of flower, just different colors.  Once again, no idea on the name!  I am so sorry about that everyone!

Of course, I know these ones…Columbine flowers.  I think I remember the name because the flower is so unique…

and finally these beauties.  As always, I don’t know the name….but such a cool flower!

I’d love to know which is  your favorite from these (or in general).  I’m having fun with the challenge so far!  

Maybe I will make some art with flowers 🙂  That sounds like fun!


What do you think?


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