Message from Archangel Michael

Friday, April 3, 2020

This woman channeled Archangel Michael about COVID-19 Coronavirus. She asks Michael how long will this lockdown go on. It is different for everyone. People need to get back to balance. Raise your frequency so others will raise their frequency. Reunite into one group and work together to make this a better world for everyone. This was performed on March 24th, before the lockdown.

She didn’t say much, except meditate and gain balance in your life, in which I have been doing that since the 90s when everything was normal. I think this is for the panicking people who might create chaos and riots in the streets, like the Black Friday Hoarders.

This video doesn’t say much. But all I got out of the message was calm down, relax, meditate, and remain alert and aware of your surroundings.

Meanwhile, I took a stroll outside at around 4 pm, and the weather was very warm and nice. But it quiet, except for few people walking their dogs, skatingboarding, riding their bicycle, riding a motorized scooter, ordering takeout, and standing in a line to enter Trader Joes. I walked inside Target to browse, before I walked out. It is depressing. It is like everyone already died, or dead inside.


What do you think?

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