A Day of Introspection: Day 2 of Super Moon Countdown

Tuesday, 1.30.18

After eating my breakfast, I checked Tuesday’s itinerary to figure out my next move towards taking action and being very active. I realized that I just had one errand, and an evening hiking meetup. But, at least, I am grateful and content with my current life because I really have everything I need. Therefore, in my middle-aged life, it appears to be a time of letting go all negativity, enjoying life, and being myself.

After eating breakfast, I checked out the next page to draw in order to decide how I will redraw the page. I marked the rough draft page to improve it, as well as marking places and erasing stuff. Then, I checked last night’s page, and I decided to go over it with colored pencils to darken certain areas that didn’t pick up color last time. I even fixed areas with ink pen to do last minute touch-ups before I move on to the next page. I dropped by the post office to mail a bill before returning to check things on the internet.

At 5:51 pm, I drove to the UTC to meet Sue because she didn’t know where the Turtle Rock meetup was, and the she followed me to the meetup in her car. 18 people showed up for this hilly sidewalks hike in a upscale residential neighborhood. It was a good walk. When I sat inside my car, I noticed the time was 8:19 pm, which is a positive sign because it is my birthdate numbers. I drove to the UTC because some people might meetup for a snack. I walked around in the UTC, and noticed that it now has three fashion boutiques, one has bohemian style clothes, one has 70s style clothes, and the other one has lots of sequins. I ran into 3 men from the meetup, and they were eating pizza. I wasn’t hungry. So, I just sat there, listened to their conversations until 9:20 pm, and when I arrived home, the movie Ghost World was about to start

My signs today include working on my graphic novel, the movie Ghost World, which was based on a graphic novel with the same name, and the basic theme of Ghost World–which was about moving on, trying to figure out the next step to more forward, but sometimes getting stuck and moving in circles, and remaining positive, be creative and taking action. But I also realized that certain fashions are popular in my area–bohemian, 70s-inspired clothes and accessories, and sequins and metallic clothes and accessories because most new boutiques tend to have a particular theme in order to attract a particular targeted niche.

The moon looked nice and bright, but not yet a full moon. It stilled looked like a full moon. I soon realized that this lunar eclipse makes this moon a blue moon, blood red moon, and a super moon. I relaxed at home before I went to bed at around 11:30 pm.


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