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Marry to Marry – 17

The marriage between Penny and Jake limped along.  She never ‘caught’ Jake being unfaithful, he never confessed, so she played her role.  

One of her co-workers attracted her attention, and she  wondered if she should have an affair.  She kept the relationship warm and close, but not sexual.  Penny didn’t want any complications.

It was when Matthew was twelve, on his way to summer camp, Jake wanted to talk to her.

They returned home from the bus depot where they’d seen off Matthew.  Entering the house, Jake led to the back patio.  He made them drinks.  

Penny sat, knowing what she would hear,  and let Jake struggle through his admissions of adultery.  

She didn’t say anything.  

Jake expected some reaction, some emotionalism.  There was none.


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