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Joke of the Day challenge – robot humor

So I’ve been challenged by LaJenna to do a JOTD but I don’t think I’m all that funny. I will give it a shot anyway…

Did you hear about the android who won the beauty pageant? (scroll down for the punchline)

#1 do androids dream of winning beauty pageants?

Miss Calculation!

I told you that I wasn't very funny...


What do you think?

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      • Hahahaha nice one! But you should have save that and put that as another joke entry Mr. A. Kidding aside, the world is getting queerer by the day. Imagine Siri being more intelligent than many humans — that is just sad. Are there other pageant aside from Miss Calculation?

          • Because Mr. A, only H. sapiens are obsessed with “self” — other species will not be interested in such kind of mummery as they are more self-aware than humans. Now Siri could be the most intelligent but as she is created by humans, she will have the same flaws as her creators.


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