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Interesting Wall Decorations #Challenge

Hi everyone!!!

Some time ago @Albert_Herdianto_Widjojo posted about some very interesting wall decoration which you can see here: Monotonous Life ~ 365 Photos Challenge #56… Since I knew about some very interesting decoration(s) myself, I came to an idea that we could start an interesting wall decorations #challenge and suggested it to Albert, so he agreed…

This also inspired me to start an interesting interiors #challenge but I’m not sure which one to choose so I will make a poll later for you to vote and help me choose between some choices…..

So, in this post I will present you the decoration from one of my favorite coffeeshops and in my next post(s) I will present you a little more of its interior. It is a coffeeshop that I posted some photos earlier from and it has some very interesting and unusual bubble walls…

I hope you will like it and enjoy…!

I wouldn’t actually call it “a challenge” but if you want to join and post about some interesting wall decoration(s) you can simply:

1. Post in the Challenges section

2. Write a title that implies interesting wall decoration(s) (challenge).

Thank you for visiting and here are my other posts from different coffeeshops that you can also visit if you already haven’t…:

Photos from Another Coffeeshop

A Photo from The Coffeeshop


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    • I’m very glad you like it! Although I primarily meant interior decorations, Kim had an outer wall decorations idea too, so I guess it is very well too πŸ™‚ Yes, the color is very interesting in my opinion too, thank you much!!! πŸ™‚

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