I found a Robber Fly and he is silver for the Color Crazy Challenge!

Wanna see? 

I was out waiting for the amazing fly over the that Thunderbirds did here at 12:25 today.

 I wanted to get a shot of them as they came by. I knew they would be low, but I had no idea they were going to fly at eye level in the valley below me. 

Well, you wont see any pictures of them I hate to say. I had my camera ready. I checked to make sure the was charged.  Yes. Disk in? Yes. Okay, here they come, wow, eye level. I quickly turned the camera on and clicked. What I didn’t realize was that the button I clicked was not the shutter button, but the button right next to it. The OFF button. 🙁 

My grandson cheered and it actually was really nice. 

There are videos out there that show them doing fly overs. My grandson was up on a ladder just to get the best view possible from the yard. 

After they passed I noticed this fly on a piece of bamboo. He looked kind of like the F-16’s that just flew beside us. 

#2 After they catch their prey mid air…

They use they're sharp beak to penetrate the thorax of bees, flies, wasps ants, beetles dragonflies, grasshoppers, and spiders. 

They then inject a neurotoxic and proteolytic enzymes which paralyzes and the toxins liquefy the flesh. 

They are considered useful in the garden and not a pest. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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    • Thank you Carol. I do as well, but you probably know that already. 😉 Hey, I saw that video. Ethan and I were watching fly overs and talking about why they were doing that. He is in trouble, Dad took away all the toys for three days. So he had to do a book report on them.

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