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Dude ~ 365 Photo Challenge Day 13

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 12. Anyone can join in, you do not have to be nominated. Here are the rules from Artbytes on his 365 Photos Challenge.

My two cats are so spoiled. The Dude always finds a comfortable place for all of his naps throughout the day. and the night. I caught him just now asleep inside the patio screen door. He is an indoor cat, so when I open the patio doors and keep the screen door closed, both cats can always feel like they are outside. He even had his paw resting on the screen. It was so funny I could not resist a photo. Another little thing in life that brings me happiness. I wish the same to all of you.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. As you know, Carol, inevitably now I also take care of two cats, again. Like many other friends here, we can all experience exciting, funny and beautiful experiences with our cats, as you enjoy the handsome Dude and Grethel…

  2. When we know how to enjoy the insignificant things of life at first glance. Then we have some kind of internal agreement with ourselves.How adorable!