Dried Flower Forced By Red Color Crazy Challenge

The world is magical, how Color Crazy can force you into a challenge? Ha! That’s not impossible, it’s reality.

Like this dried flower photo, it appears sensual among other colors that I did not assume existed at the time.

Whereas, what’s it? Little red dried flowers in its club. Not beautiful, not fancy, not poetic, without any spells except red! I can not refuse the propose of it, because “it” is the only one.

Okay, Kim… This is my first red dedication.


What do you think?

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    • You’re right Harping. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately most of the standard values of beauty are the result of uniformity. The simple proof of how to take off the “measuring tool” of the mind to see beauty as it is is when we see something after smoking marijuana. Ha ha ha ha…

      • Marijuana, LSDs and the like are short-cuts I will not take hahaha. I have read some of those and many philosophers in the past were into those. It is not a sense of righteousness. But I like to take my journey by train – long travel with a view. Hahaha. Heart-intelligence will give us that same sense as marijuana can offer. It just needs practice.

        • Of course, it’s not a suggestion… Hehehe… but yes… I have to admit that I’ve been through that route (as I have written in the 3-day quotes challenge you’ve ever started through Della) as part of the journey that guided me to this point. The next part, of course, the darkness is my street full of scenery.

          • I will check that out one day. I miss that article because it came out when I was just from vacay and I got caught up with lotsa paperwork (business) and my writing backlog. I have a very open mind and anyone is welcome to discuss anything under the sun. As I’ve said, I look at the message not the messenger. Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley and many from that generation were into it. Ages ago, it was considered as medication and were sold in drugstores. Lol! So, who am I to say which is right or which is wrong? Perception. Ego. I know nothing in reality.


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