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Cruel Fate – Flora Challenge

Inspired by the myth of Daphne, but also by the level of injustice which plagues Greek mythology. I understand that life isn’t fair but it needs to be consistently unfair, or at least randomly unfair…

This is my first entry for the  Flora and Fauna challenge, hopefully I can get it done this month

#1 original recipe

so this is how I did it the first time around, but I think I can do better...

6 points

#2 type 1

the moss is nice, I might go with this one or the next one

6 points

#3 type 2

the background is just a placeholder...

4 points

#4 type 3

looks a lot like type 4 but is a different texture

4 points

#5 type 4

I know the bark on her face is messed up, I can fix it after I decided what material to use...

3 points

#6 untextured model

just so you have a basis for comparison...

3 points

What do you think?

7 points


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