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Crazy alphabet challenge (with a twist): the letter F: Fouine

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A “fouine” as some of you might know is a marten (more specifically a beech marten) which is native to Europe and Asia but also North America. They are carnivorous mammals also known in French as “martre” or “marte”. They are of the family of “Mustélidés” in the same rank as weasels, badgers, otters and the ferrets. 

The fur of the “fouine” is usually grey-brown, they have short legs and are mostly nocturnal animal… Their distinctive marking is the white mark on their throat which can extend to the upper underbelly and legs. Their body is usually very slim and their nose is slightly elongated. 

The “fouine” is a solitary animal except during the reproduction period. They are mostly opportunistic animals and feed according to the season from small rodents to fruits to birds to eggs and occasionnally garbage from us humans… 

The word “fouine” comes from the old French “foene” from around 1160 which is an alteration from the latin term “fagina”. 

The best way I can explain how to pronnounce the word “fouine” is by “few” but without the w followed by the letter “e” and “n”. You do not pronounce the last letter “e” when you say the word “fouine” 

Interestingly, the word “fouine” is also used in French to designate a curious or indiscreet or nosy person or animal…

Again, I hope you enjoyed the French (Canadian variant) lesson and see you soon with the letter G…


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