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365 Photos Challenge & Life Update (Days 204

Hello everyone, 

I know I haven’t posted in a few days.  Life gets busy sometimes, as you all know.

I got some good news, Eli got accepted into the head start program!  He’ll be starting school next month…so that’s an exciting time for us all. He’s not too thrilled, but I think he’ll like it once he gets used to it.

I had a doctor appointment the other day….if you remember last time (3 months ago) my a1c was the best it’s been in years at 6.2.   I’ve been off of the low carb diet, so I know it will be up now….but I haven’t got the latest results.  I am back on low carb though because I know it’s what I need.  If I keep eating the carbs, I am going to have to go on insulin eventually.  

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the photos and I hope to post more often.  


What do you think?


  1. I enjoyed each one of your photos, as I always do. Love to see your smiling face as well as Eli. And beautiful flowers as well. Too bad they don’t last forever.

  2. There is no way to pick a favorite silly. I love them all! It was nice seeing you in some photos. Good job on the selfie! (I cant do that. lol. I have tried with the new snap chat filters, those are fun, but I still dont like the end result.) ugh…
    The flowers at your grandmothers are so awesome, sorry to hear they are not doing well, I saw the yellowed leaves..wonder whats wrong. Fifi is a cutie, Eli, well, you know how I feel about that little man!
    I wish we had a black bear diner here. I miss those. Great shots Courtney!!

    • Well I am glad that you enjoyed them 🙂 I might do more selfies if I felt better about how I looked, but I have some weight to lose.
      I think it’s because every other week they don’t get watered, since she can’t do it herself anymore (she’s 94) and her daughter only stays with her every other week. They are still pretty when they are alive though!
      And yes Eli is always a handsome little guy 🙂
      Didn’t know how many places had a black bear diner….being a small place surprised
      we got one!