365 day photo challenge day 48

The last couple of days (and sharing once again the image from my weather station this am, it has actually been above freezing. Normally in the January time period we run between 25 for a low and 38 to 40 for a high. So we are back on the weather the way it is supposed to be track.

That of course will last for about 4 days and then change. My father used to always say “don’t like Indiana weather, wait 15 minutes it will change.” It was of course a joke, but you get the idea.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, the rules are simple (image taken in the last 7 days) shared here on Virily. The rules are all over the site, just search for challenges.

Image from our Bloomsky weather station taken just as I started rolling this morning.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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