365 Day Photo Challenge Day 124

It is not often that I share weather station pictures twice in one week, and this is the first time twice in a row. But the opportunity to show a picture of the clear early am the sky, and the moon was worth it. Not even I can take a thumb picture with the weather camera. It is outside, and I am inside. No matter what my thumb stays attached to me, and honestly, as far as I know, it goes where I go. Occasionally, I will find club stamps on my thumb, so I do know it does on occasion sneak off and enjoy the nightlife of DC.

Not often though, for the most part, my thumb is a homebody.

That said, today’s weather picture shows the moon clearly in the early morning sky. There is something about the moon. It started for me when I was little.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, take a picture (less than seven days old, and share it! Don’t worry if it’s not good enough (mine usually aren’t “ps line borrowed from the Carpenters song?).


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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