365 Day Photo Challenge Day 101

Unlike a successful professional athlete, I did not post a picture yesterday “One for the thumb.” Jokingly I posted a picture “one of the thumb!” Yesterday. It was, by the way, a joke that I was making, about thumb pictures. I was lamenting yesterday that my streak of 99 consecutive days of thumb free pictures was over. I know I have a bad sense of humor or as my son’s call it “dad humor.” But the idea of teasing about thumb pictures for some days and then posting a thumb picture was more than I could handle. It made me giggle for three days before the thumb picture was posted.

I guess it was only me. (ps 1 day thumb free so far!)

Today it is pictures of the wind damage around our neighborhood. I won’t show you the section of our roof that was destroyed. That is depressing.

The picture is of a tree that is really near our house (probably 200 yards (meters) away. We went out to dinner during the wind storm Friday night (it had died down a bit by then), and the police blocked the road we normally take. We turned around and went the other way.

This, could have been a lot worse. Look at utility pole. The tree actually bent the pole and could have pulled the power lines for a chunk of our neighborhood. Luckily the lights stayed on!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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