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Santa’s House ~ 365 Photos Challenge ~ Day #5

If you have noticed there is a challenge going on here called the 365 photos challenge.  It was started by @artbytes26.  Anyone can join, you don’t have to be nominated.  If you want to join, here are the rules.

Here is my entry for day #5.

Every December our town square gets decorated for Christmas.  They really go all out, it is quite impressive. Maybe I can try to get a full shot of all the lights for one of the 365 photos or for a separate post.

This photo is of Santa’s house.  I took it at an angle, and I think it looks really cool with the trees in the background.  Now if there was snow all over the trees and ground it would look even better.

I took the photo with my LG Fiesta phone camera.   I love the camera on this phone, the quality looks almost as good as my DSLR.

If you are interested, here is my last post in the challenge: Gorgeous Sunset: Day 4


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