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100% help with joint pain / Share care

Ellie has begun a new challenge called Sharing is Careing. So the rules are read … In April, let’s share our knowledge with each other. It can be anything from useful sites and applications, through health tips to life lessons and even different tips and tricks. For all posts to be in one place, let’s use the #sharingharing tag.

I already suffer six months of pain in the shoulder joint. They forced me to inject between the bones. But that did not ease the pain. I could not raise my left hand at all. I had to raise her with the right one. One was heard with a girlfriend on the phone. And she told me why you did not try a sheet of dainty and alcohol. I knew it from my mother who always had him in the cabinet. I just forgot. In the course of one the pains passed. A proven old recipe I recommend to you for joint pain. Keep in mind that when you make a light massage you get cold. So put an old wool cloth in place. If needed, you can do it three times a day.

Now the recipe. Buy 250 ml of 95 grams of medical alcohol. Put it in a glass container and add 20 sheets of Daphne leaves. You have to stop 5 days after you start using it.

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      • Yes, I checked it on google before commenting to make sure. For such spices, we have Indonesian bay-leaf or Indonesian laurel, while the scientific name is Syzygium polyanthum. It’s different, is not it?

        • Indonesian bay leaf (dawn salami, manting)
          The leaves of the Syzygium polyanthum family of Myrtaceae are not well known in the West and are used almost exclusively in Indonesia and Malaysia. They are used dry or fresh in the preparation of meat and, less often, of vegetables. Compared to other types of bay leaf, they have a very different odor and are relatively weak. To release their odor, they must be heat-treated.

          That’s what I found in Wikipedia. You can put more sheets by breaking them. Leave them for 10 days, for example. As the spice becomes green. Like my in the bottle of the picture.

          • I was ready to go to bed. And I remembered seeing a show on the Bulgarian TV that there are Bulgarians on the island of Java. Perhaps someone you know or friend may know a Bulgarian. He will certainly have and can give you. For now, Goodnight from me.

          • Unfortunately, I have no acquaintances of Bulgarians living in Java. For information, Indonesia consists of 34 provinces with a very wide area of each. Java Island itself consists of 6 provinces including Jakarta. The neighbor next door to my house as a child is a former Indonesian embassy official in Bulgaria but we’ve never met again for a long time.
            Thank you for your information. I will learn it more, who knows useful for my wife who is often disturbed in the knees.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this tip! I often have problems with my back, but I think it’s a nerve in my case. I will remember this for when I need it.

  2. Wow this is a great tip Elenka. I had shoulder surgery and may have to another, but not if I can try remedies such as these. Thank you!

  3. What are Daphne leaves? Where do you find then and why can you only use then 5 days are they toxic? My brother is in much pain and I am looking for solutions.