We Can Add Hypocrisy to Dishonesty in the Media

This is more in regard to the silly and shameful political debacle a number of senators have made the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation out to be. Before I get started, I entirely agree with a friend from the UK; the confirmation for a supreme court justice shouldn’t be political in any way since the judge is supposed to weigh in without consideration of politics. Unfortunately, the senators of one political party have made the confirmation of an honorable man who has been thoroughly vetted in such extensive detail it would make a dock worker blush, every five years since the time he became a judge, as well as when he took on additional duties as he rose through the ranks, into a political issue. This what Judges go through.

Unsubstantiated claims have been made about Judge Kavanaugh in a last-minute attempt to delay his confirmation. To achieve that end, the senators have been demanding an FBI probe into whether the allegations are true or not. Mind you, none of this has to do with whether Judge Kavanaugh is qualified for the position and it ignores the fact that he has been a judge who has served with distinction.

Now comes the hypocrisy. The media has been echoing the demand for an FBI investigation, in support of the Democratic senators who are trying to delay. However, they aren’t reporting on an event that happened in 1991. In that case, the question was in regard to the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. At the time, there were numerous calls for an FBI investigation regarding Clarence Thomas. You might recognize the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in that 1991 confirmation event. He was the Democratic Senator from Delaware who later became a vice president; none other than Joe Biden, one of the darlings of the media. Listen to what Joe has to say about having an FBI investigation in the clip. The hypocrisy of the political party and the media is quite clear and none of this should be happening in any event since it has nothing to do with confirming Judge Kavanaugh.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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    • That is why I said in an earlier post that they are digging a hole for themselves. A huge number of people are tired of all the garbage politics when the process shouldn’t be political. A quickly growing number are also clearly seeing the obvious agenda of obstruct and delay. They think that they are fooling people, but very few are actually being fooled and it might come back to burn them in the midterms, especially if people actually get out and vote.

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