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Virily Just Made an Add-Up on Badges

Are you one of us from Virily who loves blogging as one way of earning extra money as well as complying for passion to share talents in online writing? If you are, then maybe you just have seen the latest update here at Virily — add-up on badges.

Virily just added-up 16 newest badges that will make our blogging activities even more rewarding. Few days ago, we just seen the changes on user search list, we are able to see registered Virilyan accounts with their recognizable profiles where you will be amazed with everyone’s cool cover photos with ranks attached to right of their profile photos,and badges as well under them.

You can also determine higher ranks through the number of stars, the least number of stars is the least rank.

If you have done the activities in compliance to the respective badges, you will be rewarded with these badges seen as colored and unlocked, and it will be shown on your profile.

So in accordance to this newly launched Virily badges, I am here to introduce these and make them more acquainted for those who haven’t seen the update yet. I will challenge you guys to cast your up-votes too, to see which among these newest badges will have the most votes and be seen on top of the list.

Are you ready for this guys? If you are, then take some time to scroll and get to know them.

Enjoy and have fun!


All these photos were taken from Virily site itself and were screenshot and cropped by me thru Paint app.

#1 56% of Virily’s Newest Badges

This first photo is a collage, I just set it here first to be a featured image on my post, but you can vote for it too.

  1. Do well and have well principles of good life every corner of the world .To do good and be good.Right is might natural rule of good life and might is right is rule of wild life not in human life of the good society.

#2 Years of Membership

Being a loyal or either a veteran member of Virily really pays a badge. 

See more

#3 Verified User

If you are always active, no issues in publishing your own content and regularly posting blogs, then this badge will certify your hardwork. If you will have this badge, you have the advantage of posting your quizzes and other blogs anytime, you need not to wait for staffs to approve your submissions. And add it up, this one is also useful if you're catching up for viril points.

Norman Darlington, Ishtar Darlington, Kim Johnson, Rex Trulove, Emily, and Fortune are among users whom I've known to have this privileged badge.

#4 Emoji Addict

If you are fond of using emoji as your reaction comment then this one will be rewarded to you. For reacting to a post, you will also gain 50 viril points for level 1 badge; 100, 200, 500, and 1000 for each corresponding level-ups.

We have 6 emoji as reaction emoticons — LOVE IT, LOL, CUTE, CRY, WTF, and WIN.

#5 Up/Down Voter

If you like to upvote/downvote any of the items listed on a post, such as this post of mine, or the post itself, then this badge will be rewarded to you.

For voting, you will also gain 50 viril points for level 1 badge; 100, 200, 500, and 1000 for each corresponding level-ups.

#6 Content Author

If you love essay, feature, or editorial writing, or any content you wish to be published as long as there's no issues on copyright infringement, then this badge will pay your originality in writing.

This badge will be unlocked if you have gained 50 viril points for level 1 for publishing content and 100, 200, 500, and 1000 for each corresponding level-ups respectively.

#7 Quiz Maker

Almost half of Virilyans here I think creates quizzes, so I think in the coming days this badge will certainly be seen on most of the Virilyan quizzers. So if you love creating quizzes as much as I do, then this badge will certainly be marked on your profile too.

#8 Poll Maker

If you love doing polls, comparison amongst the latest trends, celebrities or any topics that shows competition, then this badge will be unlocked if you certainly posting lots of polls, but if you do have your first poll published then it still can be unlocked.

#9 Community Moderator

This badge is only for exclusives who helps ensure that all content and communications in the community are appropriate.

Well, this one's I think is for elite writers and if Virily will appoint a community moderator, I think he/she should be active and be rewarded with compensated viril points. Just thinking 🙂

#10 Story Maker

If you have created your first story, then this badge will be rewarded to you. So if you love creating stories such as your travel escapades, or any vacay experience, then this one will be certainly seen on your profile.

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for clarifying. Unfortunately I do not have any of these badges as of yet but I noticed beside my non existant photo a somewhat looking badge with the word mentor. Can you explain that one to me. Thank you in advance.

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