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The Orthodox believers today celebrate the feast of the Old Testament Prophet and the New Testament saint of Elijah. St. Ilija, highly respected in Orthodoxy as a strict and firm preacher of ethical values, is present in the Old and New Testaments as a prophet whose qualities took over Christianity by bringing him into line with the emergence of a new faith and the new arrival of Christ.t is believed that St. Elijah did not die but took to the sky with vivid flame-laden carriages, and this scene is painted on holiday Ilindan icons.According to folk belief and tradition, St. Elijah is riding in a fiery chariot that pulls four horses, from whose nostrils a flame comes out, and thunder is the rumble of his cars driving in the sky and in the clouds.St. Ilija Gromovnik, as it is called by the people, is celebrated in the most sober and hottest time of the year, and it is customary not to do that day in the field so as not to get into the wrath of the saint.The famous saying “from St. Elijah the sun is all the mile” is known.

The meditating on Ilindan serves as a cure, so if you know a beekeeper, you must take it today.People believe that mothers should infuse their children with cheeks to be healthy.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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