8 Styles for May 2018: Which one do you prefer?

While browsing through the May 2018 issue of California Style Magazine, 8 different styles stood out for me as interesting. So, I decided to create a storyline for each style, which is based on a particular location in California. I will also add my photograph for each style that come the closest to each description.

As you check out each style, its description and photograph, comment at the bottom which one you prefer or is closest to your lifestyle.

#1 LA Rehab Style

Downtown LA lifestyle is usually very busy, sometimes as busy as the annoying freeway traffic and traffic jams. Downtown LA is similar to NYC, but on a bigger and wider scale that stretches from East LA to West LA. Most people are on the go, often dining out or ordering takeout. And, since LA is another melting pot location, you can enjoy various cultures’ food, such as Italian, Mexican, Asian, French, Middle Eastern, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Vegan, and street vendor food. Since such people often get stressed out, they are like go to weekend getaway destination, whether a European trip or just hanging out at a beach resort. At such resorts, they enjoy spas, where they receive daily massages, facials, manicure, and pedicure. Animal Rescue Centers are very important nowadays because as you save animals and give them a good home, they will give back by providing you with the love, comfort, joy, security, and safety that you sometimes might not receive from humans. Moreover, LA has its own Fashion District, where you can browse many streets of discounted items during the weekend, as well as check out Melrose, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica for the expensive items.

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#2 The Eclectic and Eccentric Beach Bum Style

This style is all about living comfortable, light, and minimal, but colorful, chaotic, and busy. The person is likely to have lots of bold colors as well as vintage items because they enjoy renovating and remodeling as well as doing makeovers. It tends to be a great area for artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and other creative people, where they enjoy expressing themselves in many different ways, which includes personality, fashion, art, dance, singing, writing, music, hairstyles, and cultural styles and food. In California, such areas might include LA’s Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach as well as OC’s Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa beaches. Leopard print and camouflage print bathing suits are popular this spring and summer, as well as flat simple sandals because, after all, California beach bums and laidback and lazy, preferring the lowkey private life. This person’s wardrobe is filled with beachwear clothing and accessories, which might also in include Mexican items because Mexicans are a part of California since many were actually Native Indians from California. Therefore, some prints might also include tropical designs with bold colors and designs. Other popular colors include bomber jackets, belts, and transformative clothing. A popular vacation might include visiting the Mission District in San Francisco, where they are likely to hang out at the Mission District’s Foreign Cinema restaurant, music clubs and cocktail lounges, filled with hipsters and Latino people.

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#3 Denim & Blues Style

Denim Blues Style takes place in Venice Beach, California to highlight canals, art along the broadwalk, drum circles, and BOHO beach lifestyle. Clothes and accessories are in denim, white, and blue shades. Must-have items include bowling-style purse, sunglasses with blue floral lens and floral design, classic white sneakers, white cami cropped top, denim overall mini dress, French Gramercy maillot in white, blue and silver chain link necklace, long denim coat with belt, blue surfboard, tiger-striped long coat in dark and light denim with belt, worn over blue and white striped denim shirt and necklace a well as leopard print loafers in orange and black. The model is wearing an interesting snake earring. White ankle boots are popular, and I notice a high-heeled white ankle boots with straps, similar to sandals. Striped running shorts in blue shades and white. A white purse looks like a modern white tote bag. Yellow gold and turquoise dangling earrings, white one-piece bathing suit with cutouts, long denim dress with cutouts and side slit, and white candle in a blue and white candle holder. A traditional style denim outfit might include a denim pants and jacket suit with denim beret that has fishnet layered loosely over the hat, and denim mules. Add a blue-faced watch with denim band and some blue rings.

Weekends are spent walking your dog along the broadwalk and canals, and stopping by at stores to check out sculptures, glassware and pottery as well as flowers at a flower shop. Dressed in California Casuals attire fits the ambiance from morning to nighttime, whether riding your bicycle to the coffee shop, flower shop or farmer’s market to buy some fresh flowers, coffee, cheese, or fruit. Then, the weekend ends with a dinner at a local restaurant or café hangout, enjoying the ambiance with friends and family.

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#4 Nature Style

The Nature Girl or Boy is usually into natural and organic food and items, and many of these people are likely to be vegans or vegetarians. But they are mostly draw to earthy things as well as down-to-earth people. They are usually authentic and honest, and sometimes sarcastic, which is blunt honesty. They are likely to live in a small studio with brick walls and wooden flooring. A couple of colorful modern art decorate their small space, as well as cushions, pillows, blankets, throws, and low tables. Crystal rock pendant necklace, long coat in camel or taupe and white robe with belt that ties, puffy slippers, reversible purse, natural and organic jelly moisturizer that has honey, dark red matte lipstick, and guitar are their must-haves. Other makeup must-haves include pink blush stick, foundation stick, highlighter sticks, and power bronzer that contain skincare ingredients. This person enjoys reading novels written in diary or journal format. Favorite food is vegan, such as vegan sweet potato cake. This person is also likely to decorate their space with incense, candles, burning oils, and real flower arrangements in vases. Sometimes, this person might also add his or her own art for décor.  This person’s small home looks like a comfortable spa. They might even have a small waterfall sculpture as a décor item. Other furniture items might include wooden vintage furniture as well as Japanese Modernism style furniture and items. If they have any furniture, then it is likely to be wooden. Their life is busy, running out and checking out the latest hangouts, restaurants, cafes, and clubs for after-hour socials. The wardrobe is comprised of mix and match capsule wardrobe. Their favorite accessory is a colorful silk scarf that can be worn in many ways, especially with a neutral outfit.

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#5 Masonic Style

The Masonic style is all about clothing and accessories with black and white geometric designs. There might also be an accent color, in blood red, gold, neon, silver, or nude. They wear jewelry with symbolism, such as a Satan’s head gold ring, Greek god gold ring, gold star, ancient Egypt and Egyptian gods symbolism, as well as Illuminati pyramid and Freemasonry symbolism. Their home tends to be modern in black and white, with maybe gold accent. Besides the usual black and white checkered floors, the walls are all white. There is a grand staircase with back and gold iron railing. The house looks luxurious but minimal. These people prefer wearing cami-style bathing suits that fits like a second skin in blood red, pastel shade, nude, or neon colors but usually solid. Their furniture tends to be in black, white or gold, and but luxurious, expensive and minimal for a modern minimalism décor. White sneakers, white flat sandals, and white short-heeled sandals are her preferred shoes.  Some of their rooms might be decorated in cream and bronze for a warm-colored sophistication. Since this person loves black and white, or maybe just to promote the colors, their watch might have the black and white zebra-striped band, with black watch face and diamond studs. They wear gold jewelry in snake design because snakes symbolize transformative powers. There is also a page, where there is a model with laying on the shore, and there is a colorful diamonds and purple gem ring covering her left eye. I think it is of two butterflies design.

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#6 Bold Flower Power Style

Bold Flower Power Style is all about wearing clothes and accessories with bold floral pieces as well as bold colors of flowers. Such accessories includes purses, ankle boots, brooch, velvet platforms with crystal embroiders as well as silver shoes. Watches have a flower-shaped face but in a monochromatic soft pastel color. Pumps and wedges also have bold floral design. Such bold floral design will remain popular until the end of summer. So, you have 4 months to enjoy this style.

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#7 Sparkling Shiny Star Style

Sparkling Shiny Star Style is all about the glitter. This person is likely to wear a monochromatic simple outfit in black, but wear lots of jewelry. They wear many rings on each hand, usually one ring on each finger, as well as silver and gold bangles on each wrist and many strands of necklaces with diamonds and gems. They might even add some pins and brooches on their outfit, hat, and purse for added décor. Their shoes might even have some sparkle and shine, whether wearing gold shoes, silver shoes, or shoes with shiny sparkling stones and gems. They will also likely wear dangling diamond earrings or tear drop diamond earrings. Moreover, their watch is filled with studded diamond. Other people might need to wear dark sunglasses so that they are not blinded by all the bright glitter and shine coming toward them.

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#8 Vintage Icon Style

This person still looks up to a dead vintage icon, such as Elvis Pressley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Morrison, and Audrey Hepburn. They tend to dress in certain style from eras they love and often wish they were a part of, whether 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. Evan Rachel Wood models different vintage styles, in which I think look strange and old. A blouse with puffy elbow-length sleeves is paired with a matching dark pants, but it looks very 80s because the puffy sleeves reminds me of shoulder pads as well as the matching blouse and pants set reminds me some clothes I had in junior high, which was actually around 77 and 78. The second outfit she models is another matching pants and shirt set, but this looks very 70s because it looks like it is Western-inspired but in shiny pleather-like fabric. Another outfit is a pants and jacket suit with herringbone print. I think this one is 90s-style because I used to dress like that during the 90s era. The next one is a fancy gold and black coat, worn with black pants and sneakers. The coat looks kind of ornate, similar to what vampires and Illuminati members might wear in certain movies. The next one is a long trench-style coat with hounds tooth print in brown shades. The traditional styles are probably inspired from the 90s. The last outfit is vertical-striped jacket and shorts set, which I think looks traditional style because the shorts are long and white, down to the knees.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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