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Popcult Anime Framingham 2018

We’ve taken a family  field trip to Framingham for this summer’s best anime happening!

Love Life!

High School Superstars from one of Japan's most popular anime, seems each convention we attend has more Love Life! Cosplayers, and they get more authentic all the time.

Ballad Of A Thin Man

Cosplay death match contestant. 

Osana from Sword Art Online

You meet the nicest people at Anime conventions. 

Love Life 2!

More Love Life! Cosplay Stars outside the Grand South Ballroom, Sheraton Framingham...


Shippo the Fox Demon from Inu Yasha, one of Japan's longest running anime series.

Random Dinosaur

This friendly, photogenic dinosaur was roaming the halls.

One Piece!

Viterbo's One Piece Cosplay...


Dollilicious is one of the greatest cosplayers in the United States! She's a featured guest at Popculture Anime Framingham 2018, and is a rising star on Instagram.


My favorite almost Avenger. Wish he had his unicorn.

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