Meet the Christmas with a cleaner and lighter inner world

We handle the house at least once a week, and the big, general cleaning is usually waiting before the big holidays when we particularly thoroughly scour the furthest corners. Religious people, meanwhile, devote special attention to the cleansing of the body and soul, fasting, and repentance.

But for some people, the Advent no longer has the meaning of spiritual purification. Still, meeting the holiday with the cleaner and lighter inner world is always much brighter and more meaningful, and the annoyance inside you does not allow you to experience real joy and real Christmas.

Before major holidays, we should take a time for inner concentration, reflection, reconciliation with ourselves, or just meditation, for the cleansing of our mind. These holidays are in order to stop, think, give ourselves the opportunity to start again joyfully and with a warmer heart. 

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 The most painful are our grievances, worries about our own mistakes, misbehavior of other people, anger, and jealousy. So it would be worth looking at these things and saying goodbye to them. Letting go the negative thoughts and experiences, it is very useful to fill its place with positive ones. A thing that is completely inexpensive, but giving a lot of smiles and good emotions is complimenting and just saying good words, which can become a habit. Just look, smiles are contagious.

 The pre-holiday period is a great way to think about those who are not fortunate and perhaps their biggest dilemma is to eat, not buy gifts. The eyes full of gratitude will be the greatest stimulus to do more good work. 

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