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Easter is the holiest feast for Christians around the world. On this day the Christian church celebrates the Resurrection of the Son of God Jesus Christ. The holiday is mobile and is celebrated on Sunday’s Holy Week, the beginning of which is commenced from the first full moon in spring. The date is changed annually, but the formula for its calculation is the same for both the eastern and the western church. Some of the traditions and customs of Easter date back to antiquity, and today we have accepted them as part of the sacredness of this day.

Traditionally, the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated for 3 days, and the preparation for his reception begins during the Holy Week.

The Christian legends say that when the Mother of God goes to Rome to meet the Emperor, she gives him an egg colored in red – a symbol of Christ’s blood. From this point on, Christians began to paint red eggs for Easter and give each other one. Over time, the other colors come in.

Traditionally, Easter eggs are dyed on the Holy Thursday and on the Sabbath day before the feast. The first egg is always painted in red, and then the housekeeper paints a cross on the forehead of the children with him to be healthy and rosy throughout the year. It is placed in front of the icon in the house or buried in the middle of the garden, keeping it until the next Easter. Then it breaks and if it does not go wrong, then the home and its inhabitants will enjoy health, joy and prosperity. Then it is not thrown away but buried in the ground, but close to home.

Fighting Easter eggs is one of the most entertaining traditions of Easter, which is always eagerly awaited, especially by young children. The custom symbolizes the struggle for victory and health throughout the year, and for the “Borrow”, many happiness, well-being and strong health are bestowed.

These are the eggs painted by me last year. I will paint them on April 7th. I’ll show them to them too.

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  1. Very interesting and informative post! It is good to remember what is the real reason to celebrate Easter. And those eggs are beautiful!

  2. This is great to read this information. We celebrate Easter differently. Generally, the Anglican church and Catholic church have pancake tuesday, where they use up all the eggs.Next day is Ash Wednesday. Not so nice. Then lent for some time where a person has to deny themselves something, ie give up smoking for lent. Then on the Thursday its called Maundy Thursday, the last supper. Then Good Friday Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. On Good Friday Hot cross buns are eaten and you are only allowed Easter Eggs on Sunday to celebrate new life.
    A week before Good Friday there is Palm Sunday and I learned to make crosses out of flax for that service. Its not hard to do.
    Now my family ate the hot cross buns and easter eggs only one Friday and Sunday. They did not regularly attend church. Altogether I had a time attended church I only go very rarely now.

    Over all I think your celebration is much nicer.

    • These beautiful eggs are typical. From your comment I got to know your traditions. Everyone in the world who empty Easter has different traditions. I’m happy to meet them. Thank you Pam.

    • I’ll show in the pictures and the new eggs. On Thursday I paint only one red, which I put it in front of the Icon. It’s been there for a year. You correctly noticed in one of the photos I used this red egg.