Top 5 Internet Marketing Podcast That You Must Listen

In today’s world, No one has time to go through the worry world (blogs & articles).

Average internet users spend nearly 3 hours on the internet to browsing social media contents, videos, audio, and images. The thing is that they didn’t like to read lengthy content just like a newspaper.

To learn about the latest marketing techniques people generally refer to videos and audios so they can do something with learning.

That’s why the podcast gets into the trends. Podcasts are easy to find and listen, you can easily follow the top internet marketing podcast over the iTunes, Playstore and SoundCloud.

There are lots of marketing podcasts available but here I pick up the top 5 internet marketing podcasts that you must listen to keep yourself get updated with the latest trends and expert knowledge.

Podcast are just like the radio, you can do variety of work while during listening favourite podcast channel. Podcast is a effective way to keep yourself updated with a fun convenient and expertise.

Top 5 internet marketing podcast

1. Askgaryvee

Gary Vaynerchuk, the man behind successful podcast @askgaryvee. Listed into the top internet marketing podcast, available on all podcast platforms. Anyone can find it on iTunes, Playstore, SoundCloud and stitcher, etc

Gary is a marketing guru, all his aim is that learn from different peoples. He invites different people from the industry and discusses their experiences. As a podcaster and a serial entrepreneur, Gary is the best selling New York times author of the book “Crushing It”, a motivational speaker, and he owns all these things through the power of digital marketing.

Gary has a successful YouTube channel , where you can find the latest tips, techniques & personality tricks to stay updated and emerging with digital marketers.

The best part of his podcast, peoples who ask the question from those, one of them get invited on the show and he answer/discuss all the important questions asked by other users. This will keep users engaging.

2. TED TALKS Daily

“Ted Talk daily”, Well who don’t hear about this. One of the best industry-leading and successful podcasts. It brings ideas in audio format from the latest technology to zoology. Everything from the world’s leading thinkers.

Ted Talks, the best part of this podcast channel is profound and entertaining all at the same time. Ted Talk experts also make their videos to inspires others from their inspirational speeches.

The marketing gurus share their own experience and go beyond the imagination. Several entrepreneurs or startups follow them.

3. Smart Passive Income

Smart passive income founded by Pat Flynn, The world’s famous marketing expert. If you’re into affiliate marketing or a blogger you had probably heard about him (The most successful podcast channel whether you didn’t read his blog or listen to even their one podcast.

Pat shares their marketing tips and techniques on how he starts their online business and earns a bunch of money from that. How to make a podcast will become his full-time job. The earning he reveals during the podcast and shares their statistics on his blog. That makes it genuine and engage the user to come again & again and trustworthy.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

#Marketing over coffee, as the name this show is shooted at a coffee shop and hosted by Christopher Penn and john wall.

Every week on Thursday, With a sip of coffee they reveal the marketing tips and techniques with an informal tone. But apart from informal conversation they share valuable and informative knowledge/content.

With 20 minutes long audio they talked about old and modern marketing techniques. What things are good in traditional marketing and how digital marketing boost your business growth.

Want to learn about technical SEO or marketing things, this place is perfect for you. They share the latest trends that you should add to your marketing strategy.

5.The Old Marketing

#OldMarketing, hosted by Joe Pullizi and Robert rose. Don’t go by the name as their podcast focus on content marketing of the digitalization world with offline marketing practices.

A good marketing strategy is a mixture of offline as well as online marketing with a vast number of subscribers. This podcast successfully had made 1+ million subscribers.

Apparently, If you’re a student or business person both can follow this podcast to run a successful business.

It shares educational segments, with high authority and passionately.


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Written by Kunjal

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