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An Exciting Earnings Update!

In case you haven’t noticed, the value of the Virils we are awarded for activity has increased from about 77 cents per thousand to about 85 cents per thousand!

I find this rather exciting.

When I used to write commentary for Yahoo News, years ago, we were paid $1.35 per thousand page views. With all of the page views that didn’t fully load and with all of the comments and debates we weren’t paid for, the earnings would’ve worked out to much less per point than we get for Virils, now.

And what all of this means is, Virily is proving to be valuable to those advertisers. Things are happening because of us! Because of us!

I have to say, right now, I am so excited to be a part of all this.

The earnings potential is so huge, I hardly have the words to describe.

This is the time when we all need to be consistently posting, sharing our friends and getting more of the people we love to join us.

Folks, let’s give this site everything we got.

So excited!

Tell us what you love about Virily in a comment below, too.

Things are really beginning to look up.

Thank you, Pantheon, ancestors.

Hail the Gods!


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    • I like this much better than bubblews. What got me about bubblews was how, when the staff there decided they didn’t want to pay, they acted like people were some kind of charity case.

      I wonder if old Arvind Dixitallup remembers me because, should I ever meet him…


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