This is an Embarrasment

I am totally embarrassed that I wrote this post. I really thought that things were improving and heading in the right direction. Clearly that is not the case. You make a poll and there are no questions. You put in pictures and it disappears. You try to report a problem and no one is really there, the green button means nothing. So this is me  being very discouraged again.

I am fairly stubborn. I am tempted to keep writing. Will they be able to add the pictures when they come back? Is there any kind of post that I can do that will save correctly over the  weekend.  Very sad.

It’s not a business if it doesn’t work.


What do you think?

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  1. If they would COMMUNICATE to us it would make things easier. Every site has problems but we deserve to know what is going on. We seem to be wasting a lot of time on here.

    • I think different people are working on different versions. None of my pictures will save so everything I post has to be an embedded post. I sure hope people take the time to read them.