The Magic Three in Teaching English Online


You might think what makes the magic three of online teaching. It is simply compromised of the following: internet service provider, headset, and computer. Some people are making simple things complicated. Teaching online is not that hard because you have the magic three. There is no need to worry about since some companies are not harsh in the selection process.

“Does it need to be an English major?” It’s a big NO. The applicant should be fluent in speaking English and a good grasp of knowing the basic principles of grammar. The initial interview can determine the potential to be an online English teacher by the company’s interviewer. They cannot make go to the next step of the hiring process.

1. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If the requirement listed by the company indicate to have at least 1 Mbps, the speed is not reliable for having online teaching. The reason, the speed can drop while having the class. This will result in bad feedback from students. The subjective evaluation from the students will greatly affect the online teacher’s performance.


2. Headset

The headset can be USB-type or not in teaching online. The best feature is the ability for echo cancellation or eliminates voice echo. This is the tool for having audio or video class-type. There is some branded headset that can give this special feature.


3. Computer

Desktop computer or laptop is essential to execute the teaching stunts. The high memory of computers is required by the any of these companies. During a technical assessment, the computer’s processor is being checked. If passed on this stage, then orientation will be the next thing to do. After passing all the needed requirements, the online teacher is ready to be launched.


If you have this magic three, then you have the chance to work online without any hang-ups. There are so many companies that are needing to have online teachers. The demand is too high to cater the non-native speakers from Asian countries in particular.


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Written by Shavkat

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  1. I always think it takes more to teach English online and since English is not my native language, I always don’t dare to make my first step to try it. Thank you for sharing the magic three. I think many of us already have these magic, and we just need to make it happen. 🙂

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