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Sluggish ~ 365 Photos Challenge #147

This is the atmosphere in a mall in Jakarta. The segment of this mall is a lower middle. This is the third mall I’ve visited over the last few days.

Somehow in your area, in Jakarta, almost all the malls and shopping centers, from the luxurious to the lower classes have experienced sluggishness. Visitors have dropped drastically for at least recent two years. Many shops and restaurants there are already closed. Some of the malls that are being built seem to think to divert the allotment of their buildings.

Of the many news, discussions, and analyzes it seems that apart from the weak public purchasing power, the way online shopping has become the main cause. A similar blow also occurs in various industries, such as transportation and banking.

Thus, again we are witnessing a change. Those who are unprepared, unwilling to adapt, or even resist change will inevitably experience great difficulty.

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