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The tree in this situation can withstand the elements and changes in the weather. It has the flexibility to bend in high wind and to flourish. Others have different reactions. Some find the situation uncomfortable and huddle together, whilst some people are ignoring the reality of the situation. The ostriches bury their heads in the sand.

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around Flexibility

– How flexible and adaptable are you in changing circumstances in your environment? What is your reaction to change?

– How do you cope when exposed to severe changes?  What is your attitude to circumstances that change beyond your control?  How do you cope to changing circumstances?

– How do you respond to uncertainty brought about by change?  How important is a degree of stability or consistency to you?

– How committed are you to your plans?  How much do you resist change or try to prevent it from altering what you are doing or modifying your plans?

– How involved are you in the change process?  How can you plan for the future?

– Others may resist change and pretend it is not happening.  Some bury their heads in the sand and hope it goes away.  How do you support other people who may be denying change and the reality of the current situation?

– How do you cope with those who pretend that nothing is happening?  How much is change driven by you?  What do you need to do to build confidence in others through the change process?

– How much does your flexibility affect the way that you work with other people?

– How do other people react to your flexibility?  Do they view it as a skill or a liability?

One of a series of 18 images from the coaching toolbox – Images of Resilience

Find out more about resilience in “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” by Robin Hills.


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