News that the Mainstream Media Doesn't Like to Hear

Over and over, there is proof that the mainstream media despises any news that puts the president in a positive light. Usually, they either try to slant the news in an attempt to make it sound like a negative or they don’t report it at all. They also love to attempt to pass off commentary as journalism, which it is not. I doubt that they liked to hear the most recent news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they might end up trying to say that it isn’t true, so I’ll present it here before the truth becomes ignored again.

There is great news for the American people, even if it isn’t great for the mainstream media. The unemployment rate in the United States has fallen to 3.7%. That is the lowest that the unemployment rate has been since December 1969; just shy of a half-century. 

The good news doesn’t stop there. The unemployment for women dropped to 3.6%, the lowest rate in over 60 years. The unemployment rate for Hispanics dropped to 4.5%, the same number as from July of this year, which was the lowest the rate has been for Hispanics in the history of the US. The number of people participating in the labor force didn’t change, either. However, for the first time since 2000, the number of citizens who are unemployed dropped below 6 million. That is despite a substantial increase in the population since 2000.

Average wages also continue to increase. This is a great deal better than the ‘new normal’ numbers of the previous administration and it shows that the current administration’s economic policies aren’t just working, they are working far better than most people would have imagined. That is quite an achievement for someone who hasn’t been in office for two full years.

All of this is fueled by the fact that there are more jobs that are available. This is a sign of a robust and growing economy. This is even good news around the world. Since I can remember over 50 years ago, when the US economy has thrived, the economies of other nations have followed suit within a year or two. This should give hope to people of other countries. The US economy is the largest in the world, but as a consequence, the economies of other nations tend to fluctuate with that of the US. 

This is excellent news for everyone and it is hard to find negatives for the numbers. The mainstream media will no doubt try to twist it around so it sounds negative, say that it isn’t true, or simply won’t report it. I’m of the opinion that good news is actually good and it should be shared, so I am.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. I find it a wonder why and how do the liberal left allow themselves to continue in their complete ignorance and idiocy? How do they ignore fact-based evidences of socio-economic level of improvement since the Trump administration?

    Thank you for the article. Every American who could relate to your truth should tell their stories, as well. We need more voices of truth, joys and happiness to be heard. Good job! Continue on!

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence. I suspect that the reason is that they want so badly for Trump to fail that they start actually believing the unfounded statements that they make. They sometimes also use facts that are stated in such a way that they imply something totally different than what the facts mean, or use facts that aren’t really facts. There is a difference between “facts” and “truth”, though, even if the facts are true. Not enough people are critical thinkers.

      • It’s called subversion of justice and truth, unbending beasts of systematized falsehoods and narratives under the cloak of “Did He really say?” and adding to what ‘He” actually did and didn’t say.

        I read that the Biblical “good and evil” from Genesis account really means in the precise translation of the Hebrew, “knowledge of truth and falsehood”.– “The Beast That Crouches at the Door” by Rabbi David Fohrman.

        Curiosity really “doesn’t kill the cat.” I think, it enhances more intelligence on how to strategize its moves for the next time on how to get its prize. 😀 Same with humans, whom God gifted us judgment to think for ourselves– logically and lawfully.

  2. To Rex Trulove:
    I admire your work and diligence in report.
    I most of all admire the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth
    I have a degree in History both ancient and Renaissance.
    Fact Oliver Cromwell was a puritan who do to his convictions organized an army and executed or beheaded King Charles of in 1649. A moral puritan and family man, he murderd those who refused to bow to his Religion and tyranny. Charles !! becacme King after 11 years and as Bonnie Prince Charles , invaded Ireland and executed thousands of Irish, Stole their mansions and lands and sent 30,000 Irish children as slaves to Virginia before the first black slaves arrived shorlly aftter.

    Black slaves arrived in Brazil and Haiti and the Ilands in the 1500’s.
    Now to the present.
    Trump lost to Hillary by 2.9 million Votes. He won the electoral votes due to Republican gerrymandering in 5 states,
    Trump lived by flip flopping thousands of lies.
    If you tell a lied over & over many will believe it.
    Trump lied about Obama who was born of An American woman in Hawaii.
    Obama was born in the US. Not Africa.

    Trump lied about his Crowd size. Refuses to release his shameful Taxes.

    A the facts about falling unemployment is faithfully reported by the mainstream new.

    Under Obama the unemployment rate fell while he was in office. He rescued the Auto Industry from failure.
    If a fact is left out,
    if is corrected immediatly by the real media.

    I am in sorrow, that must be challeged. The only fake new is Fox News who purposely published false news.

    Trump daily cries that Hillarys Emails were erase. False. The Server exists in the bottom of the
    Democratic Headquarters. Every Email examined by the FBI and safe for future generations to Study.

    America faces a challenge to the truth. I write on Twitter. At Read my poems on the beauty of our world. My heart would Cry … Let me live the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the Truth…or let me Die. Our president swore the oath and like both a tax evader , a and an Oaf he can only Lie. I have a letter here this week saying my phone is cut off, and my address does not exist. I reported this to the US post office. My car was destroyed in the floods and I walk to a city bus. Daily past age 80..I hope we stick to real reporting not fantasy.

    • People who are determined to hate Trump will hate Trump, regardless of the facts and even if they are proven wrong. The media thrives on that sort of thing. They are just using personal opinion, which is never wrong even if it is based on nothing but emotions. If a person is wearing a blue shirt and someone else is determined to believe that it is red, no amount of evidence will prove to them that the shirt is blue.

    • It probably won’t be much different than it is now, and I will likely continue working as the groundskeeper and pro-presenter at church. I’ll also continue to write. I don’t foresee any major changes, provided that God doesn’t have other plans. LOL

    • That is quite true. This is fantastic news that people should be aware of and it remains to be seen if it will make a difference in November. It might, considering that a lot more people are now working and those working are making more money. The deliberate fiasco over Judge Kavanaugh has also done something the media and the fringe left didn’t expect…it has brought even ‘never-trump’ activists onto the side of Trump.

      I just wish that this wonderful news had come 6-7 years ago. While I’m extremely happy for the people this has helped, I officially retire in 4 days, so it doesn’t particularly help me. lol


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