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Need to Increase Traffic to Your Websites and Blogs?

Found a list of 50 tips that simply must be reshared with my fellow freelance writers, bloggers, work-at-home professionals, and home business entrepreneurs because the majority of us struggle with the same problem.


We try everything, don’t we? At least we think we do!

  • We join every social media network that “everybody” else joined.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, RedGage, Reddit, Pinterest, Mix (formerly StumbleUpon), etc.
  • We use content curation tools like, magazine and newspaper publishing tools like Flipboard and
  • We read all the expert tips and tricks we can find and try to apply the advice to our online work efforts.
  • We join social and professional groups and communities. Why? Because they usually have more in number than the number of our own individual followers or content subscribers. It’s true! Why share a link with 40 potential viewers when you can share with 4000?
  • We use resources – widgets, plugins, etc. – that either automate the sharing process (EX: BufferApp) or suggest related content (EX: EngageYa) or create a visual feed stream (EX: FeedGrabbr or FeedWind).
  • We shamelessly promote our work, incorporating links into our blog comments or sharing them via forum discussions.
  • We beg! And WE PRAY!!!  We do everything to please the Google tech god!  After all, there is no online life on the Internet planet outside of the Google galaxy.  Or is there?

Sharing an awesome tip list on how to increase traffic without Google.

Susannah Birch’s List of 50 One Sentence Tips to Increase Traffic Without Google

Some of Susannah’s tips I already use and it’s good to know that an independent party doesn’t think such methods are a waste of time.  Some suggested sites and tools in her “50 Tips” list I have never heard of but will look into. Some I don’t have the budget for at the moment, but good to know they exist. This is a great article which should be bookmarked for future reference.

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