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My Article About Virily is Ranking Well

I recently created my new blog, Ideal Career Ideas and was surprised to see that one of the articles I wrote, Virily-A Wonderful Way to Earn Through Writing, started to bring visitors to my site. It is one of the little wins which I am truly proud of. As a writer, one of our goals is to have our articles ranked in search engines.

The article included some background my return to Virily after being inactive for quite some time because of my other work. It also presented what kind of site and what are the contents that can be uploaded on the site. I also included the different ways in order to earn as well as the points system being used by the site.

I may not be able to visit Virily regularly, I am trying my best to write positive things about the site because I believe that this site has its own characteristics which cannot be found in other sites.

I love blogging and I am currently building my own blog. But as soon as I’m done with the setup process, I will devote time to Virily because I know this is one of the best blogging sites that I discovered online.

I am receiving some messages asking me why I am not submitting new contents. Thank you, I have this feeling that you miss me. I am super excited to come back and create contents for Virily. I wish everyone a lovely day!


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