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Monsanto does bad business


Why in the world did Bayer buy Monsanto?  Bayer makes aspirin that helps relieve people of aches and pains.  Monsanto makes things that causes aches and pains.  Simply put, Monsanto does bad business.  Bayer has found this fact out the hard way after buying Monsanto for $63 billion.  After one year, Bayer’s market value is slightly a little bit more than $63 billion.

The downward slide for Monsanto will continue because Monsanto continues to claim that glyphosate, the main product in the weed killer Roundup, does not cause cancer.  Earlier this year, researchers from the University of Washington determined that glyphosate increases the risk of cancer.  Ever since this research was completed in February of this year, the floodgates of litigation have been opened.  Over 18,000 cases has been filed against Monsanto due to users of Roundup contracting non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

If you want to continue to conduct bad business to your body, then continue to do business with Monsanto.


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    • Yes, it is a personal crusade. I was born after my father returned back from Vietnam. The Agent Orange in his system caused for me to have a birth defect in which I only grew to be 4’7″ tall (1.39 m). Now, I will post stories on Virily until Monsanto becomes defunct. Plus, I have the relentlessness of a superhero villain.

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