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Thursday, March 08, 2018

This morning, I remembered that I signed up for a Marketing Webinar on Linkedin at 11 am. So, I got out of bed at around 10:30 am to check it out.  I also turned on the TV to check out what’s on the indie channel, and I noticed an old movie, Rear Window, with Grace Kelly. It looks interesting, but I need to watch it again from the start, whenever it is on again. For some reason, I wasn’t hungry this morning. While on the internet, I just noticed that March 8 is International Women’s Day.

The Linkedin Marketing Solutions webinar was basically about how to use Linkedin in tools to better market your business or product. It involves a market research and business plan to organize your steps toward your goals.

To do adequate marketing solutions, you first need to do a lot of research via industry news, getting expert advice, learning from other professionals, and getting insights as well as recommendations from your peers. Linkedin apparently has over 500 such influencers, connecting together for business connections.

While Facebook is all about pop culture and Twitter is all about causes, charities and light tweets, and Linkedin is all about business networking and making connections. Go to the appropriate social networks and websites for your personal needs.

The first step is all about knowing your target audience.  Start by targeting a particular professional profile in order to find certain people. You can narrow it down with location, title, industry, functions, skills, associated groups, field, degrees, and education.

If you want to find people based on particular skills, then use relevant keywords. It will increase performance, scale, and ROI.

Website retargeting, email contacts, and targeting accounts can also help you find the right match.

Sponsored Content is used for building customer relations. It is also a great way for branding. Targets this content where certain people spend their time and activities. Linkedin Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Sponsored In-Mail (private messages) can help you find these customers, clients, or connections.

How to do your own marketing campaign:

  1. Be able to extend your content’s reach, maybe via program content calendar. Or, explore new horizons, areas, and methods to help your business grow.
  2. Set up a campaign
  3. Get access to account
  4. Monitor campaign with market research analysis, such as checking demographic details, reports, performances, and other statistics
  5. Optimizing your target, bid/budget, and content
  6. Measurements and KPIs, or measuring your progress to make sure you are making progress. If not, make the appropriate changes to help promote progress.

It is also important to create great content.

  1. Use the right images
  2. Create very relevant content to your targeted audience. In other words, make it worth their time and don’t waste their time
  3. Write in a very clear call-to-action method. Make sure it is minimal, similar to captions
  4. Ask questions, make relevant statements, and state facts
  5. Test out everything by using an A vs B Test, which is similar to Virily Poll

There was a ten-minute Q&A at the end, in which the two women in NYC selected some questions to answer. They didn’t pick my question, in which I asked about promoting my novel on Linkedin. They probably would have given me some lame answer anyway or something I already know.


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