Why Managers of Businesses Need to be On the Floor

The term,   “on the floor” is  used to describe a manager who is very much in charge. They are right there, in the midst of the business and knows what is going on.

Whether an office or a factory, when the Owner/Manager is not involved in the day to day, first hand, anything can and will happen.

To appoint intermediaries and walk away is not intelligent. This is because, unless the workers know you are watching them anything can and will happen.

For example, take this simple job. Pigthing was hired to be the helper at the hostel. Her ‘boss’ was Hippo who never was around.

Pigthing was to arrive at 8 am, often it was past 10 when she wandered in. Pigthing was to leave at 4 pm. Often she was gone by 3:15.

She did virtually nothing during her ‘working’ hours. Then Hippo was dismissed, a new manager arrived, and suddenly Pigthing was active.

In offices, many employees are simply missing. They are not where they should be doing what they were hired to do. The C.E.O. is busy with his image and personal life, and it is only when there are massive losses or obvious theft that it is noticed there is no one in charge.

Even at a shop, you’ll see employees babbling on the phone, customers walking out.

When you have a business, you have to manage it.


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