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Hurting ~ Angry and Frustrated

I believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez owes rural America an apology and should resign her position.  I have rarely called for someone to resign, in fact I am not certain I have ever done it publicly. Many of the things she has said I just put off to the fact that her career was a bar tender. Bar tenders tend to talk and try to keep their clients in the bar and tipping the bar tender. I guess the House of Representatives works that way now too. 

I thought her constituents might have been embarrassed when she called for eliminating cows because they pass gas. I would think that they may have had second thoughts when her campaign finanaces were founded as fraudulent. She slams the constitution and gives her sarcastic remarks about voters while she is driving about. (That uses some kind of energy.)

You can see what she says in this little clip. I wish she was woman enough to take on the challenge and debate this issue as the challenge was issued.

The only way my vote will ever count is with the Electoral College. States rights are essential to keep balance. Are we truly headed to a civil war?  If it comes down to that, I believe you can thank Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, do the country a favor and walk away from Washington and go back to bar tending. I bet that is your true calling.


What do you think?


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  1. Doc Andersen speaks the truth. We have much bigger fish to fry than worrying about the small amount of methane that cows produce. We can’t get rid of the cows. Go after coal-burning countries and their emissions. As for Ocasio-Cortez, can I have a vodka and cranberry, please?

  2. She’s right – it is a scam. You are electing the President of the whole country, so the votes of every single eligible voter should have equal weight and electors in a state like Rhode Island should not be made to feel that are less important than electors in Texas. This should have nothing to do with the influence of particular states.

    The Electoral College is outdated and should go. When it does, the President will be able to claim – truly – that he/she represents the whole country. At present, he/she cannot do this.

    • We are a republic and there is a great reason for that. The rural area of the country should have as much “voice” as those who live in over populated areas. This has been the tradition and quite frankly has been the only thing holding off the beginning a very real and clear civil war. If there were not an electoral college there would be no more agriculture ~ why would I produce things where there is zero representation of my needs.

      The ONLY way that the people in Rhode Island are heard is if there is a elector college. Sorry, this must me something that misunderstood by those who don’t understand what a republic is.

  3. Farm animals globally do produce methane. The issue as Rex and I have discussed is the true impact of methane.

    Overall it is a small percentage of the pollution in the world. Farm animals produce less than 5% of the overall greenhouse gasses.

    Sadly, as someone who lives in DC I can tell you both sides are insulated from reality now.

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