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Case against Monsanto goes to Appeals Court


Monsanto is playing the long game due to having over 18,000 court cases being filed over the past year.  One of the first cases in California which produced a verdict against Monsanto due to the weed killer Roundup causing cancer in the plantiff of $289 million.  The trial judge reduced the total amount to $78 million.

Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, filed an appeal last week to the California Appeals Court because Monsanto does not want to pay a dime.  The plantiff filed a counter appeal so that he receives the entire $289 million.

This appeal is critical to the future of Bayer and Monsanto.  If the appeal goes in the favor of Monsanto, then nobody will be compensated in any of the cases.  If the appeal goes in favor of the plantiff, then Monsanto will have to either pay up and create a settlement package for all of the other cases or Monsanto will have to take this case to the Supreme Court.  The verdict for this appeal should be done by the end of this year.


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  1. Unfortunately if we want to survive as a species we are running out of time to play around with multinational corporations through our courts. Actually, I feel we may have run out of time long ago.
    Memo to consumers: Your governments won’t help you or care. You vote means very little in the scope of what needs to change for our survival. But no one can make you buy stuff. Vote for real every day. For example RoundUp and other glyphosate laden products continue to be sold in stores. If you buy it then ask yourself why. Do you really need to poison your property where your children and pets play? Are you capable of bending over and pulling a weed if you think weeds are bad?


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