Blow Back – 13 (Conclusion)

Dylan Chambers looked at Sandy, until she began to unpack.Then he went downstairs, got into his car, and drove to Emily’s office. She smiled when she saw him.

“This is a surprise.”

“No, not really.”  he said softly.

He approached, his voice low.

“It is not a surprise if you knew me, really knew me. But you don’t know me. You only know your image of me. You only know that Dylan you want to see.”

“We can discuss this over dinner.”

“No. There’s nothing to discuss. You made it Sandy or you. And it’s not you. I hope you find someone who will tailor his life to match your pattern.”

And he walked out.

He walked out, squaring his shoulders, with no sense of loss.

The End!


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Written by jaylar

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