The strategy in binary trading is very important, and the strategy of “dominating” and suppressing psychological emotions in trading is the crux of success in every trader when he first joins the market. To do that, traders should set their own criteria, such as:- Play excellent demo: not excellent and trade a lot of money in the demo means you have been successful.

The meaning of trade demo is for you to practice skills, understand the true nature of trade-money-loss. You will have $ 1000 to trade (gd) try, but real money you will not load up to $ 1000, which is only 100, 200 even just $ 10.So let your demo amount just correspond to the amount of money you plan to invest, consider it your flesh and blood coin, and try to preserve, win the money. Each order should be 5-7 $ or lower, you will see the feeling of losing and winning, and the next command should be, should not put the “folding” type,Because only one order lost at any one time, you will return to the original landmark, if lost all day, the interest is doubled but due to greed, psychological surges emerge … set an order and lose. So all day you are not making a profit.And every time you gd, you also set yourself a certain amount of time, certain interest,And the amount of money lost is only one level should be a holiday. Summarize why it was losing or winning today.Usually the psychology of losing if broken, the plate is influenced and easily provoked to act as spiteful, trying to remove gauze, do not believe that I will lose, even as revenge orders. While winning consecutive orders,The psychology you will easily fall into the subjective sense, that the trade is quite simple and the command “cool hands” – very dangerous …In summary, the psychological strategy when joining new gd will determine 70-75% of your success. So demo and experience real emotions when playing with real money,And try to find a reasonable way to avoid the mistakes.GOOD LUCK


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Written by Ngoc Tran